“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

{Roleplay; NSFW}


It wasn’t an entirely big place, that much was for sure, but Yuu loved how cozy it felt. A nagging voice at the back of his mind plagued him with thoughts of constant bickering, unable to find much peace because of how limited their personal space would be, but it was a thought that was quickly chased out of his mind. They were respectful enough to be considerate of each other, he was sure of it, and he knew nothing would happen unless they talked about it. A smile tugged on his lips as he followed the other boy’s voice when he called out to him, quietly stepping through the kitchen and into the ima, watching as you struggled with pulling the blankets out. His bags placed aside, he moved to help unroll the futons, patting them to get as much dust off of them as possible. Reaching out for his bigger bag, the heaviest one of all, Yuu pulled out the pillows and blankets he managed to sneak away when Dai wasn’t looking, especially when the older boy didn’t consider them essentials.

"Here," he offered, a smile on his lips as he handed Dai his favorite pillow and blanket before pulling out his own. Quietly, he moved to lay on his futon, his arms curling around his pillow while he buried himself in his blankets. He felt his exhaustion waste no time in getting the best of him, knocking him out until the alarm on his cell phone blared at him, causing him to jump up in fright.

"My interview!"

Quickly, he scrambled through the house to get ready, showering and stumbling out in his best clothes, his toothbrush hanging from his mouth as he dug through his bag to find his brush. Running on so little sleep left him scatter-brained, causing him to dig through his bag for his shoes before realizing he left them in the genkan. Moving back to the bathroom, Yuu finished with his routine, rinsing his mouth out and patting his face dry before his fingers were flying across his phone to call a cab, giving their address. He stopped the moment he saw the time, slowly relaxing when he realized he still had an hour and a half until his interview.

The older boy wasn’t surprised in the least when you had pulled out his pillow from the bag, knowing it was just like you to pack things like that even when he had told you they weren’t necessary. But he had to admit that he was more than happy to be sleeping with his face buried in his own pillow. It was a new start, yes, but this was a small comfort that would get him through the first night. That was always the hardest, wasn’t it? He made a mental note to thank the younger boy in the morning for being so thoughtful, but for now he succumbed to the urge to sleep, exhaustion closing its jaws around him.

However, being the light sleeper that he was, when your alarm started going off it roused him as well. Eyes snapped open and he clung to his pillow, the unfamiliar surroundings catching him off guard before he realized exactly where they were. He relaxed and instead began to listen to your frantic footsteps as you ran like a mad man to get ready for your interview. Die couldn’t help but laugh as he rolled onto his back, catching you run by, though your image upside down. Rolling onto his stomach he watched you call a cab and he cleared his throat to let you know he was indeed awake before he made his way up. Long fingers ruffled through long, dark hair and he laughed softly, his hand moving to clap it on your shoulder as he stood beside you. “Think you could have been any noisier?” Die laughed and nudged the younger boy playfully before he looked him over, nodding in silent approval, and then padded down the hall towards the bathroom.

A few minutes later he appeared in he kitchen and he turned on the water, cupping his hands under the stream to collect it before he sipped at the trapped liquid, groaning in sheer delight. “Damn, I was thirsty.” He resisted the urge to flick his fingers at Yuu and he dried them off on his jeans, which he had slept in, and he moved back to the other boy, hands pushing his hair back from his face. “Alright, while you’re gone today I’m going out grocery shopping. My mom gave me some yen for the first trip and she told me, and I quote, to buy “the good shit.”” He laughed, shrugging his shoulders as he leaned back against the entrance hallway wall. “So, do you have anything in mind for our first meal in our new place? Anything you want. You choose and I’ll cook.” Eyes pulled up in the corners as he smiled sincerely at the other, happiness absolutely radiating off of him at this point.

I have not flourished here. I have only spiraled further. 

I am not retreating or waving any white flag.

I am taking my life with me back to a place I know well. 

One you all know as well.



The bamboo forests of Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan. 

Perhaps baking brownies with lure in the elusive boyfriend.


For my total life, I have been comfortable in black, not in white, not the lightness. I was born in Tokyo after the bombing, so I feel it is this is my roots; the ruined Tokyo. This dark side of life is attractive to me, from the beginning. Too much harmony is boring, maybe conflict is charming. Black is simple, yet it says so much. - Yohji Yamamoto


when you know something doesnt fit in the fridge but you force the door shut and let it fall out on someone else